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Debut Album to be Celebrated on Iconic Speech Anniversary

Seventy five years to the day after Winston Churchill proclaimed, "we are still masters of our fate; we are still captains of our souls!", south-west musician, Sara Vian, is set to celebrate her debut album with a musical extravaganza at the Assembly Rooms in Frome on Friday, 9th September 2016, showcasing her album, "Wild, Free and Beautiful", in its entirety along with songs from her formerly-released EP, which earned her the title of "fastest-selling local indie artist" and attracted international fans.

Vian will also be playing alongside special guest musicians including Andrew Howell, who has not only worked with June Carter's daughter, Carlene, on her 'C'est C Bon' album but also wrote 'Heart & Soul' for The Monkees!

Classic punk covers duo, The Wochynskis will be kicking off the spirit of revolution in support.

Sara Vian says, ‘It’s a real story of triumph releasing my first album. I now understand that true art comes from the necessity of turning the grit of life into pearls rather than letting it get us down, which is why I chose to celebrate my album on the anniversary of Churchill’s iconic speech.

Although he made it to a war-torn Britain, its message resonates with today’s testing times and confirms my understanding of the power of art to raise our spirits and keep us moving onward and upward!”

The self-penned album is produced by Will Angeloro and released on Soaring Magpie Records, described as alt-folk-blues with rather surprising and infectious trip-hop, world, dub & Americana influences which should be appealing to fans of Neil Young, Thomas Newman (American Beauty), Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague) and Portishead.

The concert will be broadcast live on Frome FM: / 96.6fm. Live video will also be available on the Frome FM Facebook page.

Get your FREE ticket to be part of the studio audience at Eventbrite.

Photo by PatMossphere

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