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"Musician on a mission!"

Chris Watson - Music Eye

(read the full review here)

“Absolutely brilliantly produced!”

Richard Churchyard - Raves from the Grave


“Each track is different from each other whilst

the album cohesively flows as a solid piece of art!”

Stella Cooper – Stellafonix (Frome FM)


“Charming & disarming”

Diana Pointin (Grassroots Marketing)

"Better than expected!"

Paul Johnson (DJ)


“Strong, Powerful and memorable”

Marie Louise Millinery


“Gives me goosebumps”

Jade Leanne Taylor (Enhance TV)


“Truly outstanding”

David Lassman (author)


“the sort of underlying dark edge you get

with a classy modern Bond film theme tune"

John Wyatt (film-maker)


“F*cking brilliant!”

Bee (Dexter’s Extra Breakfast)


“That voice!”

Tim Clayton (Sun Machine)


“Sexy and soulful”

Laila Jhaveri (lawyer)

“A lovely feel”

Chris Phillips (Frome FM)


“Soulful and poignant”

Ged O’Neill (sponsor)



Lily Bell (artist)



Jim Tallin


“It was hard to pick just one song to play on my show'

John Forde (Frome FM)


"Wow Sara. Just had the chance to listen to all

tracks in your album. Loved them all. Congratulations!"

Neda Aladub (teacher)


“Atmospheric and engaging”

Anthony Bird (Frome FM)


“Love it!”

Lucinda D Ackland (Phoenix CIC)


“Fabulous CD. Great to see and hear Sara on Saturday.

A real treat.  To anyone reading this, check out Sara's site

and listen to and buy this music!! It is terrific”

Richard Smith


“Beautifully produced”

Forgotten Bee (music journalist)


"Flipping awesome, I LOVE every track."

Eden Morris (garden-designer)

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