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The Great Pause - New Single Release on 7th August

Exciting news! I've been working with a great guitarist called David Setterfield from a folk-rock band called Strange Folk and a new producer called Stephen Bentley whom I met through my manager, Dean G Hill.

I was inspired to write about my experience of the extraordinary coronavirus pandemic era which still hasn't sunk in really - just an abstract concept on the TV and not going out for three months plus which suits me as my day-job as Personal Assistant was easily transferred to Virtual Assistant and just like my mum, I have grown to love the simple peace and comfort of being at home.

But then I've also put a lot of work into taking responsibility for my reactions to life's challenges too (mostly!) and cultivating a positive attitude to stop myself needlessly suffering; and looking for what's good about it...

It seemed to be an incredibly clever move by Nature to stop our excessively damaging and pollutant flights and industry dead in its tracks, leaving peace and clean air in the cities... And just for a few moments the country had to pull together for its own survival (as in war time) and the political bitching stopped. The Conservative Party, so austere in recent years with a reputation for just being out for the rich had to start protecting our well-being (with some particularly profound speeches from Richi Sunak whilst sustaining the cost of the average comfortable middle class life); and then the Prime Minister nearly died and had a new baby all in a matter of weeks which has got to wake anyone up to Humanity before Profit (surely!) and the value of the NHS; and neighbours were encouraged to look out for each other.

I'm just hoping it will have helped more people get an insight into what really matters and have a lasting effect.

The single is being soft-launched on Bandcamp on Friday 7th August, another solution to one of the world's problems - poverty in the music business! Bandcamp enables us to earn a fair trade for the work we do as musicians so if you find my new single inspiring, touching and/or helpful please make a donation to sustain my work and the cause of Artful Social Justice! I'm also premiering a lyric video on Youtube at 7pm on 7th August.

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