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Sound Angels on a Christmas Mission!

It was International Friendship Day yesterday and I have been meeting some fabulous new friends...

As you may know, I have been working with artist manager, Dean G Hill, who on occasion sends me synch ideas and the other day he challenged me to do a cover of a really good folk christmas song that his label, Raven Black Music, released in 2015 - due for submission in just two days!

My first reaction was no as I was working on something else and didn't imagine anyone else would be available to help me with the guitar part and production but then something inside me said maybe I should forego the planned cycle ride in the [rare] sun and give a go?

So I prayed for vision and serendipitously received a call from musical officer, Matt Hurley, who said that he happened to be free and able to lay down the guitar and lead vocal part as he was at his brother's who had some recording equipment. So we agreed to take up the challenge and he sent me a really inspired track with soaring vocals and all sorts of instruments by lunchtime and I proceeded to lay down my vocal tracks.

Then luckily, I saw a reply to my email come in from Stephen Bentley, the gent who produced my current single "The Great Pause", saying he was free to produce the track so we sent our tracks over to him with an hour or so to go before the submission deadline.

But then yikes!!! I received a message saying that my lead part hadn't recorded and for some reason it had disappeared from my DAW so I stayed calm and recorded it again and sent it over before embarking on completing the complex metadata on the synch site and waited for the final track to come through.

And then with just ten minutes to go, Stephen sent the completed file over and I managed to upload it and submit it with just three minutes to go - hallelujah!!!

Conclusion: What a great experience to be working under pressure with "can do" and good-humoured musical officers and friends! If we can continue to pull together like this then the sky is the limit!

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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