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Seek First the Kingdom...

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Image by Artem Kovalev

I’ve been researching how to release a single as an independent musician and it all seems to lead to Spotify –a dubious gargantuan machine that offers us free exposure in the vast sea of digital music on line; and then if we can get enough “supporters” it will put us on its playlists and even pay us some money eventually! So now I need to learn how to be a marketing manager and salesperson! The whores hustle as PJ Harvey would say and do (great song!). Exhausting. And not very graceful!

I need to breathe and take a step back; identify where I am gifted for the job and where I am not – and as soon as I start researching marketing strategies, I lose the will to live!

And then I remembered “seek first the kingdom…” (Matthew 6:33) - in every full and present moment here now… realign with the divine when I’m getting sucked off track into Digital Damnation and start worrying about how to sell sell sell! This is about art, meaning and touching lives! I am not just a brand to be sold! I need to keep all this rooted in SOUL and INTEGRITY and then trust God to provide me with what and who I need to work this out…

Cue an interview with Ali George next week – a fellow independent musician who seems to be having fun releasing his latest singles! Stay tuned...

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