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Grace, Peace & all that Jazz...

About 11 years ago I did the Alpha Course and on the Holy Spirit Day it was prophesied that I should bring the gospel in the style of jazz to signify, I guess, a contemporary understanding that a life lived with "God" at the centre is one filled with peace, grace and surrendered creativity.

It's the morning of the BA11 Live event at Frome Town FC, and I'm doing my last minute preparations with a notable peace... but then that is the beauty of jazz on a good day - a cool and groovy, elegant cohesion of musicians who have met briefly but somehow fit together perfectly - held together by grace, peace and sun-shiney soul...

Jazz has been on the cards for years now but I couldn't quite work out how to break into the scene until the Selwood Tennis Club asked me to sing at their fundraising dinner pre-pandemic (postponed) and I didn't think the folk-blues would really sit that well with something that should be a bit more fabulous!

And so here we are! Beginning with the sorts of classics that I learned when I was doing Joan Davis' Jazz & Blues Singing Workshop about twenty years ago(!) in Bath and hopefully evolving into jazzed up versions of my originals some time soon - with a middle eastern fusion?!


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