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Building Bridges After Brexit @ Magpie's Folk Cafe!

Frome FM's "Magpie's Folk Cafe" kicked off a series of fundraising events on the new moon just gone (23/2/20) in the Cloisters at the Bennett Centre to raise money for the Bridges After Brexit River Festival:

Following other twinning exchanges between Frome and Château-Gontier, on 25th July, several Frome-based musicians will be performing at a riverside festival in Château-Gontier including myself and singer, "GiGi", acoustic-punk band, "The Raggedy Men", synth-pop outfit "Sweet Machine" and Americana songstress "Sue Harding". 

The festival was conceived by Chris Hall, a resident of Château-Gontier who set up "Musical Ames" and the "Singlish" choir along with Patrick Moss, host of Magpie's Folk Cafe.

The festival will also feature five acts from Château-Gontier, coming together in a one-day musical extravaganza at the Port de Plaisance, placed at the heart of our twin-town. 

This, we hope, will provide the perfect opportunity for Frome residents to visit their twin-town and Build Bridges After Brexit with our French compatriots.

We hope to host monthly fundraisers up until the festival with the next one on the 29th March (pending venue confirmation) - see press for details.

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