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Soulful Sunshine & Finding a Cause...

I awakened the other day, remembering the power of playing music to get ourselves out of a grumpy place and feeling more connected to (and forgiving of!) humanity thus I am now back to singing daily after a long dry spell, and it's really exciting gathering together a load of upbeat covers and think about new songs to add to my set.

I've also bought an acoustic amp so will hopefully be on the circuit again soon as the "soulful and sunshiney" vibe I'm intent on creating will be perfect for relaxing in reasonably cultured venues(!) and places of community. Please contact me on 0776 3654803 if you need a good vibe! :)


I'm now also starting to think about how I can be useful musically and thus have written a couple of new songs about current issues:

The first one "House on Fire" was inspired by Greta Thunberg (Extinction Rebellions)'s phrase "act as if your house is on fire because it is" and thus opens with this line but then becomes a joyful folk-gospel song (a bit Woody Guthrie-esque), possibly because when you have the task of saving the world on your shoulders it is relieving to believe that there is something magnificent inside of us that can give us the strength, boldness and wisdom to face the problems and sort them out! Have a listen here

The second one is about Proportional Representation - ha! An old school friend is working for an organisation called "Make Votes Matter" and after a couple of drinks I offered to try and write a song which did actually help me understand its meaning more simply, and we sang it on the bridge in Chippenham on Demand Democracy Day. Have a listen here

The third is a blues song about saving the planet because when I looked again at the image of mother earth from space and remembered that it was blue, I thought a light-hearted yet informative song could be in order; also spurred on by my appearance at a poetry and music evening dedicated to the theme of "Planet" which was held at the Boston Teaparty in Park Street, Bristol recently. Take a look at the video from Music Eye here. Recording coming soon...


I recently set up the Frome Music Industry Network (Fmin) which is held on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Three Swans in King Street from 7.30pm (starting again in September) but on Friday 9th August (from 7pm-ish) we're having an informal "Acoustic Mash Up" to say goodbye to one of our regulars who's going home to South Africa, and extend the invitation to you if you'd like to come along and enjoy some music.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Please comment.

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