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The American Dream & Building Community

Hi folks,

Long time - no blog!

As an indie musician who needs to know how to promote my own music and amateur radio presenter on Frome FM, I've been honing my crafts by studying journalism at nightschool (Bath college), which has prompted me to get back into blogging...

Thanks to the goal-setting guru, Leonie Dawson, I was thinking about what I wanted to do for my birthday this year and upon, reflection decided that I'd like to be in America.

My last big trip was to India about 11 years ago and after spending a little too long with its very feminine "surrender" philosophy, I decided that the next country I visited should be one of a more proactive nature!

So now may the time to put on my cowboy boots and get on the road as I realise that around the time of my birthday (September), the World Canal Conference is happening in Syracuse, NY:

... and it just so happens that my very good friend and colleague, Patrick "Magpie" Moss of Soaring Magpie Records and Magpie's Folk Cafe on Frome FM, is also a canal expert, so I've encouraged him to submit a paper to see if we can earn our way over there!

And guess what, he's also informed me that we'll be near Bethel, which is where they hosted Woodstock!!!

Plus, the other day, out of the blue, I was informed that Evan Dando from the Lemonheads was doing a low-key gig in Shaftsbury, and asked if I wanted to interview him, which was a great opportunity for a trainee-journo! But unfortunately the timing was out and I missed the interview BUT I did some research on Dando and discovered that he was doing a gig in Boston on 18th March for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which I also discovered, received £24million in donations the day after the Trump administration signed off their anti-muslim countries executive order!

So it seems to me that a plan may be unfolding for me as a musician and truth-seeker who dreams of going over to America in September to retrace the American counter-culture trail and I hope, help to "balance" the extreme political situation with music, people-power and canal-boat dwelling! (meybe we can even get Trump to take some time off to chill out and just enjoy life?!)

Listen to the podcast of myself and Magpie talking to Rob Bayly (ex. engineer for John Peel!) on Somer Valley FM about building community with music, canals and community radio!

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