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Recording the Debut Album

After successfully raising enough money through crowdfunding to produce my debut album, we embarked on recording in January...

Sifting through the backlog of songs I've written over the last 17 years and handing the artistic license over to my producer, Will Angeloro, within the loose parameters that I was able to set, we've been allowing the project to evolve; moving from what's been described as vintage blues-folk on the debut EP to influences of trip-hop, Thomas Newman (American Beauty/Six Feet Under), Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague/Bristol), Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd and 60s films...

Angeloro has managed to transform the grit of my twisted encounters into something flawless and filmic. I'm astounded at the way he crafts my vocals to a level at which I start smiling.

Aiming for a local soft launch in the People's Republic of Frome on Record Store Day (18th April).

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